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5 Reasons Shared Team Values Are Critical

5 Reasons Shared Team Values Are Critical

Most leaders appreciate the importance of understanding their own values. What leaders often miss is the importance of identifying and living shared values with their teams.

Organizational shared values are one of the most underused and misused leadership tools in the leadership toolbox. But when done right, knowing and living shared team values is organizational gold.

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Put Your Intentions to Work (Intentional Leadership, Part 3 of 3)

Put Your Intentions To Work (Intentional Leadership, Part 3 Of 3)

You’ve seen it…maybe you’ve even experienced it.

You’re granted time on the agenda to give a very important presentation. You and your team have worked for weeks gathering data, making charts, and preparing slides.

The big day comes and you feel SO ready. You make it through the entire presentation without any major mishaps or challenges. And later, with a sigh of relief and a smile, you tell your colleagues that it “went very well.”

And then…



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Intentional Leadership (Part 1)

Intentional Leadership (Part 1)

Leaders are action-oriented. We decide fast. We move fast. Sometimes too fast.

Have you ever plowed through an activity just to discover the unintended consequences later? Or have you found yourself apologizing, “So sorry, that was not my intention”?

Yep, like everyone, it has happened to me. One of those times still haunts me to this day…

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