Increase your personal influence and effectiveness.
Be more successful.
Position yourself for your next promotion.

What you get when you work with me:  A well trained, highly experienced, and confidential thought partner who will work with you to up-level your personal effectiveness and position you for success. This could include ONE OR MORE of the following:

  • POWERFULLY POSITION YOURSELF for your next promotion or your next big move
    • Strategically identify your career goals and opportunities
    • Identify key influencers, supporters, and detractors
    • Develop and implement your plan to better position yourself
    • Effectively communicate your value
    • Develop a solid Brand (see below)
  • Take your personal LEADERSHIP BRAND to the next level
    • Clarify your unique value
    • Determine and better communicate your vision to your staff and stakeholders
    • Align priorities across your team
    • Develop plans that drive accountability
    • Create strong and reliable success measures that matter
    • Deliver on your brand promise
    • Communicate powerfully
    • Solidify your brand with your team, colleagues, management, and customers
  • Increase your INFLUENCE
    • Create your influence strategy for your influence challenges
    • Rapidly identify obstacles and roadblocks to your success (people, processes, or tools)
    • Identify and choose solutions that yield the best results for you
    • Frame and communicate for high impact
    • Successfully deal with interpersonal challenges and sticky situations
  • Develop your personal CAREER/LIFE STRATEGY
    • Identify your “secret” end game and your next steps
    • Develop and implement your plan to move you in the right direction
    • Make career decisions that are best for you
    • Take care of your life while taking care of your career

You and I will meet for 1:1 personal, confidential coaching sessions that have only one agenda: YOU.