Your Team

Step up your team’s leadership skills and performance.
Get the most important work done first.
Create a winning culture.

Forget about the pre-packaged cookie-cutter Leadership Development approach. You’ve probably tried that already and found that it did not stick. No surprise.

I will work with you (Organizational Leader or HR Leader) to develop a Leadership Development Program for your people that addresses your organization’s specific leadership needs.

Not only will your team learn proven leadership practices, they will also do interactive exercises and fieldwork to reinforce what they have learned AND a group practicum to solve a real problem for your company.

I also offer group sessions that deliver an evergreen process for alignment, prioritization, accountability, and action tracking of your most pressing priorities.


    • Close the leadership skills gap in your company. This program is designed for
      your middle managers and specifically addresses the needs of your company.
    • Solve a REAL problem in your company while your people learn and practice
      leadership concepts and skills.
  • Your LEADERSHIP PLAYBOOK for your organization
    • Get your most important work done
    • Align vision, strategy, and priorities across your organization
    • Drive accountability and action

Ready to have a more effective team? Let’s talk!